Digital Library for B Schools

Prepare better with a comprehensive digital library

  • Full text journals, eBooks and MORE
  • Engage all users with rich information
  • Increase usage of subscriptions
  • Serve 24x7, everywhere and on all devices

Management learning involves imparting skills
like Leadership or sales. How can the library 
provide such tacit knowledge?

Networks with 

How can library connect students to an expert or peer network? Can library give access to expert talks?

Start-ups downloads

How can a B-school library contribute to students' ambitions for their own startups?

Collection beyond just eBooks and eJournals

  • 100,000+ Full Text eJournals
  • 600,000+ eBook Titles and Project Reports
  • 80,000+ Videos & 70,000+ Academic Presentations
  • 80,000+ Thesis & Dissertations
  • 100+ News Boards, Blogs and Business Magazines
  • 1,400 Case studies covering all managament topics

Rich business and industry coverage

  • 100+ Indian Company profiles, SWOT Analysis
  • 500+ Market Research Reports
  • Event, Workshops and Conference updates
  • 1,000+ Biographies, Bioscopes, TedTalks and Documentaries on Management Gurus, Executives and Business Leaders
  • Incampus stories to promote student projects and ideas
  • Competition alerts, Live projects, Jobs and Internships from over 100 companies

Physical or digital; everything on 1 interface

  • All serial subscriptions integrated for article discovery
  • All eBook collections merged with Readsmart collections
  • LMS-OPAC integrated for real time availability check of physical holdings
  • Faculty notes, research and student projects all compiled

Also Includes...

  • In-built Link Resolver

    Maps each search result to your holdings profile so users are always directed to full-text URLs

  • Fully Branded Website

    Promote events, showcase library related information and chat with users through a customized website

  • Your Own Mobile App

    Stand out from the crowd with custom library mobile apps for both iOS & android users

  • Off-campus Access

    Easy to use proxy solution so users always get off full-text access of your currently IP restricted subscriptions

  • Social Plugins

    Puts your library on the social map with fully managed FB and Twitter pages and plugins

  • Power of cloud

    Hosted on most reliable cloud services so you don't have to spend effort on installation or maintenance

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What are people saying about Read Smart

  • We see majority of our students hooked on to their mobile phones for both entertainment and academic content. Readsmart helped us make a strong debut on mobile phones and gave us the ability to push library notifications directly to user's smart phones.

  • Readsmart has hacked the brain of a modern librarian by bringing everything we plan to serve our users under one, library owned property

  • Providing users with access to content at any time using any device is criticle to creating a knlowdge based community. Moving to a cloud technoloy like Readsmart allows us to centralize all of our digital collection and provide ease access to our library users.

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